Two Pasadena City Council candidates are gearing up for an April 18 showdown, and a surprise winner in the Pasadena Unified School District race is cool, collected and “not surprised” following her upset victory in Tuesday’s election.

Phil Hosp will take on incumbent District 7 Councilmember Andy Wilson in a runoff as both candidates finished with just under the 50 % + 1 required to win outright — with Wilson grabbing 44.03% and Hosp taking 41.63%.

Hosp is a securities fraud attorney. Wilson is a technology entrepreneur who was appointed to the City Council after Mayor Terry Tornek’s victory opened up the District 7 seat.

The actual number of votes which separated Hosp and Wilson on Tuesday was a slim 58, although that number may change before the final vote count is certified in 30 days.

“Even though our sense is that several hundred absentee ballots got delivered to the polling places,” Wilson said Wednesday, “It’s more than likely we’re going into a runoff, so, keeping core supporters and energizing our volunteers, and making sure we have the enthusiastic support of voters and our key backers, I think that is the key to getting us through the next six weeks.”

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