The voters of Pasadena, District 7 have an important decision to make next Tuesday, one which will have a significant impact on the future trajectory of our beloved city. The voters are tasked with the same decision that I had to make several weeks back when deciding which of the two remaining candidates to endorse in the general election. As some of you know, I was the third- place finisher in the primary and my campaign’s emphasis on creating a more walkable, dynamic, and diverse District 7 resonated with many voters. After interviewing both candidates, speaking with their supporters, and listening to both of them at the various forums, I strongly urge my supporters to cast their ballots in favor of Andy Wilson next Tuesday.

Both candidates have articulated two very distinct visions for the District. Mr. Wilson’s vision for District 7 is forward- thinking, motivated by empathy, and inclusive of all of its residents. His opponent has articulated a traditionalist vision for the City that harkens back to yesteryear and takes a strong stance against growth. I do not want to turn the clock back on Pasadena, but focus on a way forward that preserves Pasadena’s heritage yet also enables the City to be at the vanguard of a modern economy.

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