Think of it as January 20. Much like the nation installs its new administration on that date, and the State installs its new electeds on December 1, the City of Pasadena installed new leadership for City Council Monday evening in a non-agenda Special Organizational Meeting, thus beginning a new political year.

John Kennedy, who ran unopposed; Victor Gordo, who easily won his campaign; and Andy Wilson, who won his race in a close runoff election, were all installed by City Clerk Mark Jomsky before a packed City Council Chamber filled with family, friends and supporters.

“Many of the decisions that we are making today,” said Councilmember Gordo, during his installation, “will continue to affect us 15 or 20 years down the line.”

Gordo also spoke about “the importance of the issue of public safety, especially in this time of challenging budgets. We have had some public safety crises in the past few years, and I don’t think we can wait for more public safety crises before we continue the discussion and ensure that we are prepared.”

Wilson, who won his first ever political campaign by only 36 votes, talked about the “battle” of campaigning in his installation speech, and recalled that Councilmember Steve Madison told him after his 2015 appointment to the seat, that “You’re not a real Councilman until you’re elected by the people.”

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