Andy Wilson has earned the endorsements of many of Pasadena’s top elected officials including Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and former mayor Bill Bogaard, Councilmembers Victor Gordo, Steve Madison, and John Kennedy; prominent neighborhood association leaders; dozens of civic leaders, as well as leading local organizations including the Pasadena Firefighters Association and the Pasadena Police Officers Association.

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Elected Officials

Judy Chu
U.S. Congresswoman

Anthony Portantino
California State Senator

Chris Holden
California State Assemblymember

Terry & Maria Tornek
Mayor of Pasadena
Hudson Ave. Residents

Bill & Claire Bogaard
Former Mayor of Pasadena

Scott Phelps
Member, PUSD* School Board

Hoyt Hilsman
Trustee, Pasadena City College*
Hudson Ave. Resident

Geoff Baum
Former Trustee, Pasadena City College*
Board President, California Community Colleges*

Victor Gordo
Pasadena City Councilmember

John Kennedy
Pasadena City Councilmember

Steve Madison
Pasadena City Councilmember

Neighborhood Leaders

Seamus & Michelle Burlingame
Lombardy/Holladay Assn.*
Lombardy Rd. Residents

Carol Chu
Past President, Oak Knoll Neighborhood Assn.*
Huntington Cir. Resident

James & Jennifer DePietro
Past President, South Allen Neighborhood Assn.*
Member, Transportation Advisory Commission* (James)
S. Sierra Bonita Ave. Residents

Greg Gunther
Director, Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Assn.*
Board Member, Playhouse District Association*

Neil Kleinman
Past President, Madison Heights Neighborhood Assn.*
Alpine St. Resident

John Latta
President, Madison Heights Neighborhood Assn.*
Oakland Ave. Resident

Chuck Livingstone
President of Pasadena Beautiful*
Past President, Madison Heights Neighborhood Assn.*
Madison Ave. Resident

Tammy & Michael Silver
President, Oak Knoll Neighborhood Assn.* (Tammy)
Oak Knoll Cir. Residents

Julianne & David Worrell
President, Oakdale/Rose Villa/Sierra Bonita Assn.* (Julianne)
Chair, South Lake Parking Commission* (Julianne)
Rose Villa St. Resident




Bike the Vote LA

Pasadena Fire Fighters Association

Pasadena Police Officers Asssociation

Pasadena-Foothills Association of REALTORS®

Pasadena Star-News

Civic Leaders

Olin & Ann Barrett
Los Robles Ave. Residents

Brian & Barbara Baker
Board Member, Pasadena Heritage* (Brian)
President, Playhouse District* (Brian)
El Molino Ave. Residents

George & Marilyn Brumder

Tom & Lilly Chang
Hillcrest Ave. Residents

Imran Chaudhry
Code Enforcement Commission*
California Blvd. Resident

Ann Clary
Board Member, Pasadena Center Operating Company*
San Pasqual St. Resident

Tink Cheney & Barry Jones
Residential Real Estate
Landor Ln. Residents

Pastor Matt Colwell
Religious Leader

Emina Darakjy
Board Member, Pasadena Beautiful*
Member, Urban Forestry Commission*

Kim Douglas & Mark Woods
Member, Northwest Commission* (Kim)
Fillmore St. Residents

Robert (Bob) & Faye Davidson
Chairman of the Board, Art Center College of Design* (Bob)
Lombardy Rd. Residents

Raymond Ealy
Executive Director/ Founder STEAM:CODERS

Bill & Brenda Galloway
Hillcrest Ave. Residents

Brooke & Edward Garlock
Board Member, Pasadena Beautiful* (Brooke)
Board Member, Rose Bowl Operating Company* (Edward)
San Pasqual St. Resident

Rick & Sharon Ellingsen
Huntington Hospital* (Rick)
Past Board Member, Noise Within* (Rick)

Mike Giardello PhD
President and Co-founder, Innovate Pasadena*
Arden Rd. Resident

Jason Lyon & Tim Harley
Senior Warden, All Saints Church* (Jason)
Hudson Ave. Residents

Juliette Harrhy & Mike Gunter
Board Member, Saint Marks School* (Juliette)
Oak Knoll Ave. Residents

Charlie Heaton PhD
Holliston Ave. Resident

Jennifer Higginbotham
PUSD/Blair parent leader*
Oak Knoll Gardens Dr. Resident

Mireya & Chuck Jones
Owners, Jones Coffee*

Brad & Pamela King
Chairman of the Board, Pasadena Playhouse* (Brad)
Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary* (Pam)
Trustee, Mayfield Junior School* (Pam)
Madison Ave. Residents

Harvey & Ellen Knell
Civic Leaders
Hillcrest Ave. Residents

Cynthia Kurtz & Jim McDermott, Jr.
Community Leaders

Kris & Reid Leslie
Past Board Chair, Business Leader & Flintridge Prep* (Kris)
San Pasqual Ave. Residents

Dr. Steve & Julie Mayo
Greenwood Ave. Residents

Todd & Kirsten Molz
Board Member, Polytechnic School*
Oak Knoll Ave. Resident

Liz Moule & Stefanos Polyzoides
Architects and Urbanists
Holladay Rd. Residents

Wendy Munger
Board Member, Polytechnic School*
Madison Ave. Resident

Louisa & Mark Nelson
Member, Pasadena Planning Commission* (Louisa)
Madison Ave. Residents

Ron & Jane Olson
Community Leaders
Oak Knoll Ter. Residents

Chris & Debbie Patton
Neighborhood Leaders
Cornell Rd. Residents

Cathy & Lew Phelps
Chair, Historic Preservation Commission* (Cathy)
Madison Ave. Residents

Abel Ramirez
Owner, El Portal Restaurant*
Board Member, Pasadena Senior Center
Board Member, Pasadena Playhouse

Antonio Rangel
Professor, Caltech*

Maggie & Ken Sabbag
Trustee, Polytechnic School* (Maggie)
Wentworth Ave. Residents

Mandip Samra & Bob Gingrich
Member, Human Relations Commission* (Mandip)
Euclid Ave. Residents

Richard & Mary Schammel
Director, Rose Bowl Operating Company* (Richard)
Oak Knoll Ave. Residents

Devy & Carlos Schonfeld
Professor, Pasadena City College* (Devy)
Euclid Ave. Residents

Rob Shepherd & Kimberly Popovich Shepherd
Board Member, Boy Scouts of America SGV* (Rob)
Annual Fund Co-Chair, Polytechnic School* (Kim)
Lombardy Rd. Residents

Arnie Siegel & Susan Futterman
Director, Union Station (Arnie)
Pasadena Library Commission (Arnie)
Past Board Chair, Pasadena Heritage (Arnie)
Past Board Member, Pacific Oaks College (Susan)
Past Board Member, Mother’s Club (Susan)

Jaynie & Woody Studenmund
Board Member, Huntington Hospital* (Jaynie)
Organizing Committee Enduring Heroes Memorial* (Jaynie)
Past Board Member, Flintridge Prep* (Jaynie)

Betsey Tyler
Former Madison Ave. Resident

Bill & Linan Ukropina
Commercial Real Estate
President, Pasadena American Little League*
Board Member, AYSO*

Laura & David Unanue
Foothill Family Services Board* (David)
Musique Board* (David)
Pasadena Children’s Guild* (Laura)

Vera Vignes
Former Superintendent, PUSD
Chair, Human Service Commission*
Oak Knoll Ave. Resident

Perry & Zoe Vidalakis
Oak Knoll Ave. Residents

Michael & Eileen Williamson
Member, Pasadena Planning Commission* (Michael)
San Pasqual Ave. Residents

Rick & Elise Wetzel
San Pasqual Ave. Residents

Additional Campaign Committee Members

Michael Amori & Teresa Lin
South Lake Ave. Resident

Mike & Lisa Burke
Lombardy Road Resident

Ezra & Marisa Callahan
Woodland Ave. Residents

Tom Chang & Lily Lee
Hillcrest Ave. Resident

Betty and Brack Duker
Hillcrest Avenue Residents

Michael Farhang
San Pasqual St. Resident

Linda & Blaine Fetter
Huntington Circle Resident

Paul & Heather Haaga
Director, NPR* (Paul)
Board Chair, Natural History Museum* (Paul)
Trustee, Huntington Library* (Paul)
Trustee, Descanso Gardens* (Heather)

Chris & Mary Huang
Lakewood Place Resident

Mark & Jeehyun Kim
South Hudson Ave. Resident

Don & Lori Meaders
Oak Knoll Cir. Residents

Sean & Andrea Moriarty
Rose Villa Residents

Dale Okuno
El Molino Ave. Resident

Connie & John (Pat) Reddy
Fairfield Circle Resident

Andy & Carie Salter
Oakdale Ave. Residents

Stender & Erin Sweeney
South Oakland Ave Resident

Stender & Polly Sweeney
Huntington Garden Drive Resident

Kevin & Kristen Tyson
South El Molino Ave Resident

Carolyn Wilson & Patrick Connor
Oakdale Ave. Residents

Chris Wilson & Brooke Abercrombie
San Pasqual Ave. Residents

Wei Zhang & Roger Lee
San Pasqual St. Resident

*Titles for identification only; they do not imply institutional endorsements.
Names in blue indicate members of the Campaign Committee.