Meet Andy Wilson

Long before he began serving as our City Council Member, Andy Wilson was heavily involved in the civic and business life of our community. He and his wife, Liz, moved here more than 20 years ago because they saw Pasadena as a wonderful place to raise a family and build a business.

They were right. Both of their careers have flourished in the years since—Andy as a tech entrepreneur and Liz as an attorney. Meanwhile, their family has loved growing up together in Madison Heights—so much so that Andy recruited his brother, sister and parents to join the family in Pasadena.

Andy is running for City Council to preserve and strengthen the quality of life that first drew him to Pasadena: a rare combination of terrific neighborhoods, vibrant cultural and educational institutions and strong economic opportunity. Every city faces challenges, but Andy believes, by working together, we can hold on to what makes Pasadena special—and build a future that is even brighter than our past!

A Few Things You Should Know About Andy

Father, Husband and Animal Lover

  • Wife (Liz); two sons (Spencer, 14, and Dylan, 11); and a white, fluffy, pound rescue dog named Gandalf

Good Neighbor

  • Andy is a 20-year resident of Madison Heights. He’s a familiar sight to neighbors all around our district—walking Gandalf or loading up on coffee at Jones. He’s also an active collaborator with our local schools, and he has been especially hands on with the new leadership at McKinley School for the Arts

A Strong Educational and Professional Background

  • Attended Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School; 15 years in corporate America; 10 years in the tech and start-up world

A Deep Commitment to Community Service

  • Founder and Board Member of the nonprofit Innovate Pasadena* —one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most vibrant grassroots communities for entrepreneurs and technologists
  • Board Member, Pasadena Heritage (6 years)
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Pacific Oaks College (5 years)
  • Advisor (2 years), STEAM:CODERS—a nonprofit working to get local students from minority and low-income backgrounds engaged in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics

Years of Dedicated Leadership on City Issues

  • City Council Member since May 2015
  • Member of the Planning Commission (3 years)
  • Member of the Design Commission (8 years)
  • Member of the Pasadena Center Operating Committee & Visitors Bureau (2 years)
  • Former member of the City’s Urban Forestry Commission (2 years) and a passionate advocate for Pasadena’s magnificent canopy of street trees
  • Long-time advocate for a more harmonious type of zoning that respects Pasadena’s heritage, taking account of the form and context of proposed structures and overall neighborhood feel
  • Strong proponent of enhancing our pedestrian and biking infrastructure to reduce local traffic

A Proven Ability to Get Things Done for Pasadena

  • Helped Pacific Oaks College restructure and avoid closure; recruited new management to re-invigorate the 70-year-old school and its Pasadena campus
  • Launched Innovate Pasadena to help keep, attract and create high-quality jobs in Pasadena; recruited founding board and raised seed financing; now hosts 15,000 participants per year
  • Personally helped recruit new and established high-growth companies to locate in Pasadena
  • Assisted PCC in winning $15 million Hi-Tech workforce grant


*Note that Andy was former co-chairman until summer of 2015 and due to a printing error some literature states that he is a former board member which is not the case.

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