More Fake News from Phil Hosp:

Mailer Falsifies Andy Wilson’s Record on Development


FALSE CLAIM: “Since 2004 Andy Wilson voted YES on 82 out of 88 development projects he voted on as a City Commissioner.”

THE REAL STORY: This is a meaningless and purposefully misleading statistic. Almost all these votes occurred during the eight years Andy served on the City’s Design Commission. But the Design Commission has no power to decide whether or not development projects should be built. It only has input on their appearance.

The Commission reviews proposed designs for projects that already comply with zoning, the General Plan, any specific plans and other legal requirements, such as the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Commission usually goes back and forth with developers in several public meetings. It often seeks design changes to meet citywide design principles and guidelines. The process can be contentious, but it is intended to yield an approved design. And it almost always does. So even a 100% “yes” vote would not be surprising or meaningful.

Sometimes developers balk at changes the Commission proposes, and they appeal to the City Council. However, that is rare. As long as developers are responsive to Commission requirements, virtually all projects eventually move through the process to completion.

FALSE CLAIM: “Andy Wilson can’t say NO to developers.”

THE REAL STORY: One of Andy’s earliest votes on the City Council was to revise Pasadena’s General Plan. Wilson voted to cut commercial development by 50% over the next 20 years. He also voted to cut residential development and to keep 2/3 of the City off limits to developers.

DISHONEST PROMISE: In this latest misleading mailer, candidate Phil Hosp promises, “I will work to amend the General Plan to DECREASE the amount of future development.”

HERE’S THE PROBLEM: As any Council candidate should know, Pasadena did this already. As noted above, our 20-year General Plan was amended a year ago—with Andy Wilson voting YES to cut future commercial development by 50%!

FACT: Revising the General Plan was hard to miss. It took six years, hundreds of community meetings and literally thousands of people took part—including leaders like Andy Wilson. Yet, Hosp seems not to have noticed.

FACT: The reason Hosp didn’t notice is simple: He’s lived in Santa Monica most of his adult life – including almost the entire time the community was working to revise the General Plan.  He probably didn’t even know what was going on, and he clearly didn’t care.  In the short time since Hosp moved back to Pasadena, nothing’s changed:  A Public Records Search reveals that he’s never said a single word on this issue (nor any other) before the City Council or any of the City’s 28 committees and commissions.  Except for misleading campaign mailers, he’s been totally uninvolved – to the point of invisibility.

Now that he’s running for office, Hosp says he cares passionately about development. But what about when he had the chance to show some leadership? Where was Phil Hosp then?